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Tans Ally Network understands the difficulties of living in a community where your life is a public controversy and getting support, whether medical, legal, or other is difficult and can be misleading. Trans Ally Network was created to get support to the Transgender community directly from the Surgeons, Doctors, and Specialists that have the information you need and create the network and media to deliver that information to you and the allies that support and love you.

This organization supports all LGBTQII++ community members, but its focus is on the discrimination and problems of living as a Transgender or questioning person, "Under the Umbrella" of a world that prohibits or makes it illegal for you to be yourself. Please join our Newsletter mailing for $12.00 a month. This covers the gathering of information, formatting and editing, printing and mailing the newsletter to you and the Allies in your life.

If you have a loved one or know someone who is Transgender and struggling and want to support them, having this newsletter will help you understand some issues and possible ways to help them deal with the problems they are living with. Memberships and donations help us support this organization. We have currently filed to be a Charitable organization.

How To Support The Transgender Community

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Being an Ally to the Transgender person in your life and the community they belong to is an effective way to create change in the world they live in. We provide a monthly newsletter for $12.00 a month and will provide information, support, and resources for you and the Transgender person you know. It is also a way to understand the issues and problems from the professionals that support the Transgender community. Im many cases, there are case studies, resources, businesses, and Nonprofits that can help provide assistance and help many in the Transgender community may not be aware of. Parents of Transgender children will be able to have information from professionals that can answer questions and help with resources to support the needs of a child learning where they belong on the spectrum of identity and who they are.

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Trans Ally Network

The organization of the "Trans Ally Network" began with a conversation between myself and my Endocrinologist, Dr Vin Tangpricha. We discussed the need to inform the Transgender community of the threat they faced from the Aids epidemic and how medical case studies looking to research and help address issues affecting the Transgender community needed to find and speak with Transgender people and allies to complete research. Emory currently has a need to build a relationship with the LGBTQII++ Community and specifically the Transgender Community. There are so many Non Profits, surgeons, Transgender businesses, etc, that are out in society and they need to be able to support, provide, and market to the Transgender community.


Basic membership is a subscription to our monthly newsletter. This only provides information and creates a network of information for the Transgender community and their allies. - $12.00/mo.


Transgender Community Update

Sarissa J. Farman Founder and Inc Cubed, Inc.

Support Membership – This is an Ally membership of $25.00/mo. This supports the administration and helps to pay the staff and provide equipment and office supplies in general and other needs when possible.

Active Membership – This is an event supporting membership of $100.00/mo. This allows us to create and develop other means and networks to get information and people together for information and community sharing.
Ally membership – This supports the organization to develop and grow relationships with professionals and other non-profit organizations. This means administration costs, travel, shipping, logistics, and other services or needs the organization needs to grow and be successful.
Basic Corporate Sponsorship – $1000.00/mo or $10,0000/yr – This will allow promotion of the company in the newsletter and events we promote and facilitate.
Silver membership – $5,000.00/mo or $100,000.00/yr – Provide advertisement and promotion of the company’s products, ads in the newsletter, and representation at events with Discounted access to represent the company at Trans Ally network events during that year.
Gold membership – $500,000.00/yr plus.Partner with Trans Ally Network. Logo and representation on the Website, Advertisement on the Website, Link to the company on the website, Low cost or Free access to events planned and held by Trans Ally Network.
Platinum Membership – $1,000,000.00/yr – Ally and Partner with Trans Ally Network. Promote our services and support outside our region and develop resources to support and grow an international footprint.