About Us

Original Board of Directors Meeting for the Founding of Trans Ally Network

About Us

Other conferences in the Atlanta area would provide information from surgeons to the Transgender community, but it would cost up to $500.00 to attend a full event. The Transgender community frequently loses jobs, can't find work, have laws targeting them, and are generally pushed aside. These conferences would not solicit support outside of the LGBTQII++ community and were, in essence, secret events for the donors to remain anonymous. This organization is PUBLIC, we will solicit support and donations from the public. Companies like Delta, Coca-Cola and HP whom all say they support the Transgender Community will now have a vehicle to provide financial support to a much-needed part of the minority community.

We also hope to draw surgeons and other professionals to the Atlanta area to help avoid having to travel outside the state in order to get much-needed surgeries like GRS, FFS, and many others. Atlanta is an international hub of travel, business, and events. There are no reasons Atlanta should not be a hub of support and services for the Transgender community.

We look forward to a bright and active future of support for all of the Transgender Community and all their Allies.




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